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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Autumn Catch Up

Hi all, it's been a little while since I posted so I thought I ought to tell you about what has been happening in my purple running world.

After the Stroud half marathon, my running seemed to go pretty quiet with me only finishing off helping to coach the latest C25K group.That course has now completed and many of that group are now continuing on their journey to reach the 10k milestone.

On the 17th November I took part in the Tough Runner Brechfa Trail Half Marathon. This is held near the village of Brechfa near Carmarthen and was going to be my first trail race running the half marathon distance, all my previous races having been at 10k distance. Upon arrival I bumped into my friend Claire Louise of Lliswerry Runners, I had forgotten that she'd registered for this race and as I'd not run a trail at this distance previously I wasn't worried about my time, but only about finishing, so I told Claire that I was happy just to run the route with her.

Pre start selfie
The start was a few minutes late but eventually we were off on a wide, uphill track. It was at this point that Claire told me she was nursing an ankle injury which was going to prove difficult for her very quickly. In fact we hadn't reached half way up that first hill and Claire was having to walk saying that her injury was causing here foot to go numb, and so it was that at every hill she had to walk. By mile 4 she could see that I was itching to go and so she told me to go on.

There were plenty of hills, but it was the hill between miles 9 & 10 that was the most difficult.
The best anyone could manage was power hiking up the narrow trail up to where it reached a wider track, but then the incline didn't stop there and it just seemed to go on and on. I caught up with two other guys, or did they catch up with me? That's probably more like it, but we had a little chat and then finally the water station came into view at the top of the hill about 100m away and I decided to try to break into a trot, however my calf muscles had other ideas and each time I tried to run again, cramp would set in and I had to slow back down to a walk. I took a bottle of water and tried to run/walk, and it probably took me close to a mile to be able to run again non stop. I'm guessing it was a build up of acid in my muscles that was causing them to cramp up.

With only a parkrun distance left to go I had to dig deep on the next few inclines then, finally, I came over the final brow with a descent to the finish line.

My time was 02:31, which was slower than I had anticipated but then I did have a very slow first 4 miles with Claire Louise, and then that slow mile with the cramp also. But overall I was happy, loved the run, and now I know I am able to run 13 miles on a trail.

So what else has been happening? Well, I've completed a Leadership in Running Fitness course with Welsh Athletics which may lead me to doing the full Coaching in Running Fitness course next year. I felt that in order for me to coach new runners in the C25K courses, I should have a recognised qualification behind me to back me up and make me feel qualified to coach them.

And finally .........

A group from Caerleon RC have been on the parkrun tourist trail and I joined them in the Forest of Dean. But rather me tell you abut it, here is a short video.I hope you enjoy it.

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Autumn Catch Up

Hi all, it's been a little while since I posted so I thought I ought to tell you about what has been happening in my purple running worl...